Cameron, what are you doing?

I get it.

Picking up and flying to Europe for three months is a bit strange. I have a great job, a great church, great friends here in Raleigh, and an amazing family only hours away. So why would I want to press pause on being part of and enjoying all that?

The answer is more complicated than you might think. But suffice it to say for now that I need to hit the reset button. Perspective is quite possibly the most important factor to happiness. I feel like I’ve been living my life too close to the page for a while now. Get up. Drink coffee. Read Bible. Work. Exercise. Hobbies. Sleep. Repeat.

I want to step out of all that for a while. Those are all good things, but I’m convinced that I don’t quite have the right perspective to appreciate them properly. My job, my family, friends, health and hobbies are all Good gifts from a Good Creator. I want to step far enough away from the norm to actually see the Gifts God has given me and recapture the capacity to enjoy them, and enjoy God through them.

So this is possibly not what you expected—not quite what I’m doing, but mainly why I’m doing it. And that is the short version. I’ll probably write more about my goals and expectations later. (The ones I’m willing to share anyway, there are others only my close friends will hear about.)

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