Time’s up! Let’s do this!

It is time, friends. Today is launch day! In about ten minutes, my amazing brother Travis Lockey will arrive here from Winston-Salem to hang out with me at breakfast, and shuttle me to the airport!

It’s surreal that this day is finally here. I feel like when I was a kid anticipating Christmas all month and having made all sorts of preparations and then the morning comes. “It’s today!!” All of my possessions are safely stowed away at my good friend David Williams’ house. I’m checked into my flight on the American Airlines app, and the only thing keeping me from Denmark and my adventure is a 7-hour layover in JFK and an 8-hour flight between two strangers on probably the biggest airplane I’ve ever been on (it has two aisles!?!).

So for my last blog post before I depart, I want to say a few words of thanks.

To my family, Mom, Dad, Chad, Travis, Carlie, and Caitlin, thank you for supporting my desire to go to a foreign place for three months, and for even encouraging me in it. It’s not easy to send off someone you love far away where you can’t keep them safe yourself, and where you may not be able to contact them instantly all the time. Thank you. To Travis Lockey, thank you so much for coming to Raleigh this morning and seeing me off. You mean so much to me, brother.

To Garrett Anderson, thank you for 2.5 fun, chill years of having me as a roommate and talking me out of buying a house already like three times. I wouldn’t be doing this if I had bought a house in March.

To Alex Slater and Brad McCorkle, thank you for working with me to make this trip possible. I feel as if you have seriously bent over backward to make my dream of this trip happen, and feel amazingly blessed, respected, trusted, and loved by you and our team to put up with me through this and help in so many ways as I’ve prepared to go. Now, let’s see if we can’t crush it with Rise Hire even while I’m away!

To Dawn Locklear, thank you for telling me about your travel experience, pointing me to, and convincing me that my silly idea of traveling for an extended period of time is totally feasible.

To Patrick and Chelsea Williams, thank you for welcoming me into your home when I arrive in Copenhagen! I know my list of thanks to you will grow in the next week or so, but I am truly grateful for your generosity, and hope I can be a blessing to you during my stay.

To David Williams, thank you for taking all of my stuff into your house, including my car, and saving me the time, money, and frustration of dealing with all that when I get back and am homeless.

To my WWOOFing hosts in Denmark and Ireland, thank you for welcoming me to your homes and farms! I greatly look forward to sharing part of my adventure with you!

And to so many other wonderful friends not mentioned here who have encouraged and supported me in this trip, who have committed to praying for me, and who have desired to follow my progress and adventure online.

Let’s do this. Leeeeeroooooooooooooooooooooy!

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