One week in.

My first week in Denmark has been amazing! Thank you to all who have been following my Instagram and Facebook photo stream. Though I’ve tried to give you a thorough pictorial summary of my journey so far, I thought it would be fun to just write about my first few experiences and friends. I’ll write more about my impressions of Denmark, Copenhagen, and the Danish folk in a later post.

First, Patrick and Chelsea Williams, my Copenhagen hosts, are an amazing family. I enjoyed spending my first few days here with them, getting advice on where to visit, eating delicious meals, and “reading” to their adorable daughter, Kinley (she likes to look through the photos in an enormous National Geographic book).

I went to their church, First International Baptist Church of Copenhagen, on Sunday and made several new friends, including a family that lives in Birkerød, where I’ll be staying the next three weeks after this weekend. The church members were very welcoming and we went to lunch at an Ethiopian restaurant together. The service was very simple, but it was beautiful to see how the Gospel brings together people from all the nations and makes us family together in Christ.

I made friends with the owner of Buzz Kaffebar near Nørreport, where I am writing right now. His name is Jibril (in english, Gabriel). He is a very kind and generous Muslim man. We have had many great conversations about our faiths, politics, and the difficulty many immigrants to Denmark, especially Muslims, face. I have come back to his coffee shop three times now.

It has been really fun to go out each day and try to have a daily adventure. I’ve enjoyed giving myself “missions” each day to go see something, or meet someone, or try something new. Today, my mission was to go back to the Round Tower and take photos from the top now that the weather is nice, and to visit the Denmark National Museum. See my Instagram story for that (you’ll have to follow me 😉 ) Others were to find the Strøget and eat at Paper Island with a friend I made at the airport in JFK, visit the Kastellet and St. Alban’s Church, visit my friends’ community garden, go to FIBC (church), attend a programming Meetup, and just find a new coffee shop to work from.

So my goal of making friends here is being met. It’s been a humbling and very rewarding experience. Humbling because I often have no clue where I am or where I need to go, I know few people, and have been graciously welcomed by so many wonderful people.

P.S. Danish is really hard to pronounce. Like really hard. Trying to say the names of streets and places is often very embarrassing.

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